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Dormans Wharf

Equilibrant were commissioned by NI Construction & Procurement Delivery (CPD) to undertake bespoke and specialist investigation of a steel sheet pile quay wall known as Dormans Wharf. Equilibrant was specifically tasked to undertake residual thickness readings above and underwater, draw comparison to previous readings to determine section loss with time, undertake a structural assessment of the quay wall and provide recommendations for the life cycle management of the structure.

Dorman’s Wharf is a steel “U-section” sheet pile structure constructed circa 1990 which is approximately 270m in length retaining a public quayside walkway between the Waterside Railway station and Craigavon Bridge. The public walkway varies in width along its length measuring approximately 6m at Chainage 0 adjacent the railway station reducing to 2.5m in width at Chainage 270 adjacent the Craigavon Bridge. Between Chainage 100m and 130m the quayside walkway widens to form a viewing platform.

Scope of works

  • Provision of Equilibrants chartered engineer diver to undertake underwater and above water inspection with residual thickness readings using Equilibrants inhouse “Cygnus Dive” Ultra Sonic Thickness Meter. Over 1000 readings were recorded.
  • Direct comparison with previous readings taken in 2018 to determine rate of lass per year. 
  • Structural assessment of the sheet pile structure using the specialist software “WALLAP”
  • Comprehensive report highlighting findings with recommendations for the life cycle management of the structure.  


Equilibrant are currently the only registered HSE Surface Supplied Dive Contractor with an inhouse Chartered Engineer Diver operating in Northern Ireland. We offer clients a coherent approach to underwater/above water investigations and office based structural analysis.

Using our high-tech in-house Cygnus Dive UT meter, under the supervision of the Equilibrant’s chartered engineer diver and in combination with the specialist WALLAP analysis software, Equilibrant concluded that the steel pile structure had a far greater remaining service life than what was previously predicted by calculation.

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