We provide a range of specialist services to support your specific project and we have provided details of these below:

Concrete Inspection and Testing

Equilibrant Ltd. offer an independent materials inspection and testing service to assess the condition of all structures. We carry out investigations to identify defects including extent and severity leading to repair and/or protection concepts in accordance with the European Concrete Repair and Protection Standard EN 1504, or other relevant standards as appropriate.

A major benefit for using Equilibrant Ltd is our end to end service capability at competitive rates, which produces economic and sustainable solutions, considering whole life costing.

As part of our inspection and testing service we offer the full suite of Non Destructive Testing (NDT) including, but not limited to:

  • Half-cell potential surveys, resistivity readings, carbonation testing
  • Chloride/Sulphate/Cement content analysis etc
  • Concrete core compressive strength test, Schmitt Hammer survey, concrete pull off tests, other bonding tests etc
  • Steel coupon tensile strength tests, steel hardness testing
  • Petrographic Analysis, free expansion tests for ASR etc
  • Cover meter survey, delamination surveys, crack surveys, abrasion survey etc
  • Ground Penetrating Radar to pick up defects in the concrete or the substrate below and reinforcement distribution
  • Flooring performance surveying and inspection including anti-skid assessment, anti-static and ESD compliance testing; detection of defects.
  • Other testing such as moisture content, dampness and osmosis blistering testing, testing for chemical exposure and resistance requirements etc

Typical application of testing methods above including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Multi Storey/ Underground Car Parks
  • Buildings (RC Frames and Steel)/Residential/Commercial Units
  • Road and Rail Bridges/Tunnels/Underpasses/Culverts
  • Sewage structures and underground sewage infrastructure
  • Drinking water structure/reservoirs/underground potable water infrastructure
  • Earth retaining structures
  • Basements/Lift Pits
  • All kinds of bunded areas for chemical storage
  • Marine infrastructure
  • Any other structures

Following the results of the NDT and other test methods we have the in-house expertise and capability to effectively assess the results to produce reports, identifying the source, extent and significance of the observed deterioration and other defects. Based on the results of the testing we can produce a fully compliant materials independent and project specific repair or protection specification for inclusion in contract documents, in line with the requirements of, for example EN 1504 and other relevant standards.


Asset Management

Our specialist inspection and testing service allows us to provide clients with an assessment of their assets current condition. The asset deterioration curve below is an excerpt from BSEN 1504 showing the typical repair cycles over the life of an asset. Based on the results our investigations we can provide clients with an approximate position on the curve and as such advise on the most economical repair to extend the useful service life of the asset. Each inspection and testing programme is bespoke and tailored to the asset and its operational environment.

BSEN1504-09 Repair Cycles

Extract from BSEN 1504-09 “Typical repair cycles over the life of a deteriorating asset”


Subsidence Site Investigations / Ground Investigations

  • Hand or mechanically excavated trial pits to expose foundations
  • Hand aughered bore holes to 3m depth
  • Mechanical bore holes to depth
  • Drainage surveys
  • Testing, soil strength readings, soil classification, soil property testing and root identification
  • Factual or interpretive reports
  • Landslip investigation and reporting


Steel Hardness Testing

Testing services with the latest mobile hardness testing equipment are offered for:

  • Fire damaged steelwork to determine if residual tensile strength
  • Assessment of steel grades
  • Assessment of failures


Expert Witness Legal Reporting:

In addition to the highlighted services, Equilibrant Ltd. provides Expert Legal Reports to assist in dispute resolution.Previous Expert Witness Instructions include:

  • Structural failures, including precast concrete floor units
  • Assessment of durability of structures and construction defects
  • Adequacy of foundations
  • Subsidence
  • Landslip
  • Vibration damage to structures from piling and quarry blasting
  • Specific experience of disputes with NHBC, ZBG and insurance companies