Marine structures are exposed to some of the harshest exposure conditions possible making their long term durability performance challenging. The vast majority of marine infrastructure is constructed from reinforced concrete and steel piles of varying description, both of which are naturally susceptible to corrosion; chloride induced and low water accelerated corrosion.

River bridges, particularly masonry arch bridges, can be affected by scour. Scouring is caused by fast flowing water eroding sediment around bridge piers and abutments producing scour holes which have the potential to undermine bridge foundations. Such failures can be very dangerous as they tend to occur suddenly and without prior warning or sign of distress to the structure.

Equilibrant Ltd. are uniquely positioned in that we can provide a highly experienced Chartered Engineer who is also a fully qualified HSE (Part III & IV) Commercial Diver for underwater structural inspection and surveying. Equilibrant Ltd. has a wealth of experience in structural inspection and testing, ranging from highway structures to wastewater assets, advising clients on the most appropriate and cost effective lifecycle management for their structures.

Equilibrant Ltd. are working with a local dive contractor, with over 25 years of commercial diving experience, to provide clients with a unique end to end service from project planning to submission of comprehensive underwater structural inspection reports.

Equilibrant Ltd.’s commercial diving services include:

  • Above water and underwater structural inspections by a Chartered Engineer;
  • Visual and tactile inspection of submerged structural members including scour inspections;
  • Non-destructive testing including Ultrasonic thickness measurements of steel piles;
  • River bed/channel levels to Ordnance Datum;
  • Comprehensive reporting with remedial works recommendations.