Equilibrant Ltd were commissioned by MCB Ltd. (on behalf of Doran Consulting) to carry out specialist Structural Investigations on a series of 10No highway structures for Monaghan County Council as part of the Council’s 2016 NW Bridge Rehabilitation Programme. The Structural Investigations involved Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) methods including materials testing to determine the following:

  • Adhesion Pull-off tests to the exposed top surface of the reinforced concrete bridge decks to determine the suitability for applying Sterling Lloyd Eliminator waterproofing membrane;
  • Cover meter surveys of the reinforced concrete bridge decks;
  • Half-cell potential surveys of the reinforced concrete bridge decks;
  • Carbonation testing;
  • Dust Sampling for chloride analysis;
  • Dust Sampling for cement analysis;and
  • Determining the thickness of masonry arch barrels by coring.

Following the structural investigations Equilibrant Ltd. produced comprehensive factual investigation and materials testing reports, meeting our clients high expectations, allowing appropriate remedial works to be specified on a bridge by bridge basis.