Old Bakers Court is a housing development located off the Ravenhill Road, Belfast. An underground car park constructed from cast in-situ reinforced concrete members, approximately 7547m², services the housing development.

Long term and extensive water leakage through joints and cracks in the deck slab resulted in stalactite and leachate formation on the deck soffit. This highly concentrated alkaline solution was dripping onto vehicles parked below causing paint work damage.

Equilibrant Ltd were commissioned by Charles White on behalf of the Old Bakers Court management company to carry out a Special Inspection of the underground car park structure to determine the cause, extent and severity of water leakage through the deck slab. The Special Inspection included the following:

  • Materials Testing for chloride and sulphate content;
  • Breakouts to determine the condition of reinforcement;
  • Carbonation depth measurements and cover meter survey;
  • Full visual inspection and delamination survey;
  • Half-cell potential survey to ascertain the probability of corrosion;
  • Concrete resistivity measurements.

The Special Inspection concluded that the underground structure was currently in an acceptable condition, however, if the water leakage was allowed to continue the condition will deteriorate and accelerate with time. Equilibrant Ltd recommended resin injection from below as the most economical remedial solution. Charles White instructed Equilibrant Ltd to procure a trial scheme to give confidence to the shareholders. Via a competitive tender to NEC 3 Option A short form, Equilibrant Ltd appointed Grahams Structural Repairs to carry out the trial scheme. The scheme was a success allowing the main contract to be procured.

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