Equilibrant Ltd were commissioned by Natural Power, on behalf of Beinneun Wind Farm Ltd, to carry out a Special Inspection of the main pier at Kyle of Lochalsh in the Scottish Highlands. The purpose of the Special Inspection was to provide information on the current strength and condition of the concrete cover slab, to aid the assessment of its current load carrying capability. It is proposed to deliver wind turbine blades from off-shore by crane onto the pier for transportation to what will be the largest wind farm in Scotland.

The scope of works undertaken by Equilibrant Ltd. included:

  • Extraction of 6No. 100mm ф concrete core samples for compressive strength testing;
  • Ultra-Sonic Pulse Velocity (USPV) measurements across the pier;
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to determine the condition of the concrete slab, the location and depth of any reinforcement provided and the integrity of the fill below the slab.

Equilibrant Ltd had the in-house knowledge and expertise to complete the works. Indirect surface USPV measurements were taken at each core location. The compressive strength of the cores, as determined in the laboratory, was used to calibrate a compressive strength curve (CSC) downloaded from Pundit. The CSC was then used to estimate the compressive strength at various locations using measured indirect surface USPV’s. GPR was carried out using GSSI StructureScan Mini device. Using the GPR at the proposed crane pad locations EQ could accurately measure the depth of slab, diameter, spacing and cover to reinforcement and the presence of voids, both in the concrete and in the fill below.

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